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Family Law Blog

  • By: Michelle
  • Published: September 27, 2022

A family attorney helps families with immigration law, divorce, child custody and child support. They are often called upon when the couples or family members in a committed relationship wish to end that relationship. A family attorney may help you compile relevant information on persons who might bring a claim, such as your parent's or somebody else's parent's immigration status,…Read More

  • By: Michelle
  • Published: September 20, 2022

Estate planning help should be more than just a lawyer who prepares wills and trusts. You want an estate planning attorney who will treat all aspects of your situation with care and sensitivity. Strategic divorce has earned a reputation in the country for being an experienced estate planning attorney who will work with you to create an estate plan that…Read More

  • By: Michelle
  • Published: September 13, 2022

Divorce is a tough time. A neutral third party to assist you in navigating the mountains of paperwork and laws can be incredibly helpful. At Strategic Divorce we take the guesswork out of divorce and make sure you come to the best resolution for your family by serving as a knowledgeable yet fair mediator at strategic divorce. Divorce mediation is…Read More

  • By: Michelle
  • Published: September 6, 2022

Divorce law firms offer full service legal representation to those who are seeking to end the marriage. We are certainly your first choice when faced with this difficult legal process. Whether you simply do not wish to remain in the relationship any longer or if you have grounds and wish to seek a divorce, our firm is dedicated to getting…Read More

  • By: Michelle
  • Published: August 30, 2022

Are you considering hiring a divorce attorney to represent you in your divorce proceedings? It’s important to know the role and qualifications of a divorce attorney and other information that will help you choose the right one. Who Is a Divorce Attorney? A divorce attorney is a trained and experienced individual in the field of Family law. A divorce attorneys…Read More

  • By: Michelle
  • Published: August 23, 2022

Custody disputes can be a long and drawn-out process, but they don't have to be. Mediation is a process designed to keep the parties out of court and give them control over their own decisions. It is designed to help parents and children get through the divorce process with as little stress as possible. What are Custody Disputes? Custody disputes…Read More

  • By: Michelle
  • Published: August 16, 2022

A collaborative divorce is a private settlement agreement in which the parties agree on handling issues related to their separation or divorce. Rather than contesting legal battles in court over property division, child custody and support or other matters related to a relationship breakdown. Couples work together with their respective attorneys in a private forum to resolve their disputes and…Read More

  • By: Michelle
  • Published: August 9, 2022

Collaborative divorce is a strategy in which divorcing couples and their attorneys commit to resolving the case through a series of four-way meetings, rather than by litigation. The parties also pledge not to seek judicial intervention until they reach a resolution. In collaborative divorce, the parties and their attorneys agree that all documents will be shared freely between them, with…Read More

  • By: Michelle
  • Published: August 2, 2022

Child custody matters are some of the most important in family law. These decisions must be made in your child's best interest and an experienced attorney can help. A qualified lawyer can provide legal counsel for both parties, ensuring that every detail is covered. Having studied this area of law extensively, we can answer any questions you have about your…Read More

  • By: Michelle
  • Published: July 26, 2022

Today, more than ever, assets are at the heart of divorce proceedings. It is essential to understand what you will need to know about your assets in a divorce. Take caution with your finances when moving forward with a divorce. This is by hiring a competent asset protection lawyer from strategic divorce. The right asset protection attorney is your first…Read More

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