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  • By: Michone Riewer
  • Published: October 29, 2020

If you searched for "Divorce Attorney Deerfield IL" and asked Google a question about "property division" you ended up in the right place. Here's how property is divided in Deerfield, IL and in any other part of Illinois: fairly. We imagine your asking yourself "what?" right now. That's understandable, because we'd bet that what you think is fair and what…Read More

  • By: Michone Riewer
  • Published: October 22, 2020

Lake County Child Visitation Attorneys Wondering if you need a Child Visitation Lawyer in Lake Bluff, IL or anywhere in Lake County, Illinois? Maybe we should start with a more basic concept: what is visitation? Visitation, which is legally called “parenting time” in Illinois is basically kid logistics. As in, where is my kid and when? Technically, visitation is defined…Read More

  • By: Michone Riewer
  • Published: March 11, 2020

Going through a divorce can be an unsettling time full of uncertainty and high emotions. Aside from trying to figure out all of the logistics pertaining to you and your family, such as division of property, primary custody of children (if children are present), living arrangements, and other adjustments, the transition unto the next stage can be even more overwhelming…Read More

  • By: Michone Riewer
  • Published: March 9, 2020

If you are going through a divorce in Lake Bluff, IL, you are likely stressed out, tired, and just ready to finish the process and move on with your life. Your divorce law attorney should be the one person who is always on your side and ready to fight for you to be treated fairly. You are literally paying them…Read More

  • By: Michone Riewer
  • Published: November 12, 2019

One of the most challenging and complicated discussions you may have during a divorce is deciding how to divide the family home. In comparison to other property and assets, memories and emotions are tied to your house. Some may not want to uproot children from the place they were raised, especially if it means changing schools and moving away from…Read More

  • By: Michone Riewer
  • Published: October 18, 2019

Filing for divorce is a complicated process that involves many difficult decisions. While the priority should be determining the care and well-being of the children, dividing marital assets can be a significant challenge. There are issues such as keeping or selling the family home, dividing bank accounts and debts, and splitting up other assets. Retirement savings is one of the…Read More

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